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Wedding and Other Celebrations

Wedding and Other Celebrations

Anadolu Park Kitchen

Anadolu Park Cuisine
Our food flavor and quality services that comply with all the freshness of the ingredients at the hands of the policy that has made our restaurant professional kitchen team motto is presented to you. From appetizers to the kebab stuffed meatballs Kunefe everything is handmade. Especially in the kitchen tandoori lamb, fish in salt, meat patties, yogurt with chilli take days to taste specialties increasingly prominent Anatolia Park continues to add new ones.

In 2011, Hürriyet gourmets best appetizer category selected by the top 10 in Turkey, entered and still has its place in a list of the best 10 gardens selected by Hürriyet in Turkey crawlers.

Turkish cuisine is also weighted to provide services together, we are glad to offer our guests in accordance with demand examples from the world.

"Uğurlu Bahçe" Wilderness Area:
Auspicious garden, lush lawns over 2200 people frequently decorated with pine tree, your entire organization with a structure completely covered with greenery surrounded by woods only allows you to perform in a corner belongs to you.

Serve your guests is reserved for our valet car parking capacity of 300 vehicles, preparation room, auspicious garden with its own sink and mosque offers the most comfortable version of the break contact you. Over the years many different concept, one lived in the area will take place in the context of the organization remains limited only by your imagination.

Sometimes it our wedding buffet salad bar and kitchen staff with gingham cloths and lanterns on the cone turns into a barbecue with picnic tables. Showl lamb turned nostalgic and sometimes with a village wedding, giving life to the retro.

A kind of fairy tale books ingoing tiny sprig of white horse with the circumcision ceremony is happening in reality. 5 tea and enjoy the sun and nature's tasty snacks and embraces you with a cute birthday party in the brewed tea urn.

Kayra welcomes you outdoors stony ground and pine trees.
Bridges are entering the area through the invitations, which hosts boutiques as you leave behind in your water.
If you wish to own terrace with a capacity of 200 people, if you want a corner of the field is the occasion for the little guests a pleasant conversation around barrels in the cool night.
Use of a large grass area below the terrace can take shape according to your request.
You will experience the advantage of a compact space area with warmth and sincerity.

Hall Classic
particular favorite of winter events up to 550 people in Turkey 4 over decorated with antiques from stone and wood structure can not find the space to old radio artifacts out of the hands of the mosaic craftsman pitcher and fireplaces warm touches stand out. High ceilings and a comfort area for private parties with column-architecture adds big plus. Anadolu Park cool in sweltering temperatures Antalya to you, promises the cool winter temperatures.
In an unexpected summer rain We trust you to be able to carry your organization break room for nostalgia.

What about the organization?
It will make us control our guests leave the organization with its own plans for you all night if from a to z our team of professionals we are able to organized.

First of all matters Our experience in our own organization providing free counseling services in the light of the answer to the question marks in the minds of the happiest days, we lighten the load. Then we provide the tracking organization overnight.

We are proud to be the common point of different styles. Adventure lovers know our brides and grooms the opportunity to fly among the trees, in pairs our team who want to add color to your day with a group of friends, we are experiencing a fierce fight in the Paint Ball field.

If you wish, if you want a famous local artist can carry a voice in your scene.
Decoration candlesticks also brilliant, fragrant blossoms floating in glass objects can be planted on your desk. Your only son of a white horse prince circumcision ceremony, by the decree of the night on the throne could become a sultan or a survivor contestant who cutthroat competition. We roIling night starting shouting and writing your own movie camera are experiencing both short Anatolia Park. In the palate, giving you the pride of seeing happy faces in the finals with a nice taste of the cake, leaving us.